I am still out here working away. My first art to paint project is almost complete. Today I spent some time bringing some concept art to life with color and ink (digital ink that is) I have so much to learn when it comes to Illustrator.

Pimp Imp
Pimp Imp

Today I discovered that Illustrator has some wonderful 6d Pen Brushes built in. Glad to migrate away from the default flats for a while. Sometimes it is the little changes that make a big difference.

I would also like to thank this guy for his great walk through on inking and coloring. I think it has helped me tremendously… just have to build the process into the laws of my brain.

Here is the beginning of my next project. I wanted something seasonal and not too difficult. This will focus more on color and highlights than conceptual complexity.

Running Elf
Running Elf




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