Zombie 9-5

I worked diligently last night to complete this. This month I’m trying to do more completed Projects. It has been quite helpful in finding out where I spend the most time. I am working harder on composition not getting so hung up on coloring and shading which I need a mountains of work on and lastly not being so judgmental of the finished product. Sometimes you pump out something nice, sometimes not so much. The cool thing about digital art that it is forgiving… love that undo button some days.
This little guy is of course inspired by the plants versus zombies zombies. I’m in the phase now of using a lot of reference material for my composition. My last 6 or 7 drawings making minor changes that are my own. I am hoping with enough repetition my style will start to shine through.
Today I’m going to start on my Slimer project. I have the projectors the transparencies ready and I have already run a test that turned out fabulous, maybe at some point this little guy will go to paint as well. Thanks for visiting have a great day!


Zombie Office Worker
Zombie Office Worker

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