Your Crackers Aren’t Good Enough

​Hello all..

Today’s  little adventure into the unknown began with the extremely exciting task of drawing a bird… I am trying to develop a better overall process. Completing a project small or large without getting hung up on problem areas. If it wasn’t the sketch it was the shading… so on so forth. Part of the machine was strong but overall something was bound to break. So I am trying to be a little less critical in specific areas in which I know I am weak. Blasting through the sketch, being alright with using a reference image and not getting the fits when I cant get each and every shadow or color right. I am basically a digital painting virgin so it is important to moving through the best I can. Composition is also a murder of time for me…  I was taught early on that copying art was a big no-no but the further I go the more I find it is a benefit. I have a few wonderful artist that I am role-modeling to refine process. Eventually it melt into my own style. Working more with my tablet is definitely an art into itself forcing myself to do all aspects in order seems to be helping. So here it is today’s final project took about three hours total, let me know what you think!
Progress from sketch to digital shown below.

Original reference image


2 thoughts on “Your Crackers Aren’t Good Enough

  1. Oh wow! Really nice job! I think the use of reference images is an excellent idea. It can help to get you passed the process of figuring out what to draw and concentrate on what you want to work on. Keep up the good work and learning!

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