Graphite Dreams

Alright here it goes…
It is about time I get back on the horse and start drawing again  and sharing it.


Been on a bit of a hiatus due to “insert excuse here”…. But fortunately I have been drawing and feeling the need to put pencil to paper.


I am still not sure what the purpose of this is… An exercise in futility? Shouting into the void hoping somebody notices? Maybe I’m just talking to myself and maybe that’s a good thing.


Perhaps it is part of the ongoing saga in the part I play. Expression to myself and one day I will feel good enough to call myself and “artist”


It is cathartic and I need it.


No challenges audacious boasts. Just art.


So here’s some of the things I’ve been working most are just doodles almost all of them are incomplete. A few projects in the works that I want to follow through on. So bits and pieces of them in the days to come.


So here we go  back to the gentle arms of intrawebs.



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