Day 3: A Pep Talk For Heroes

Day 3 from my favorite writer. Another great short story from her super hero universe.

Writing Adventure

Day 3 is upon us! Ed has just released the third day of our Alternate Universe stories and this one’s from a favorite project of mine. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to create a comicbook with the help of veteran comic writer John Lewis and Empowered creator Ed Jowett. Lacuna was a great experience and for anyone interested in the books co-star, Penumbra is currently running her own Kickstarter.
10 Days in an Alternate Universe means that you’ll never actually see this particular conversation between Penumbra and Lacuna in the comic. So, sit back and take a look at how this moment might have sounded…

A Pep Talk For Heroes

“Don’t take it so hard, Ace.” Penumbra relaxed across the ledge of a rooftop. Salt from the soft pretzel in her hand drifted down to the quiet evening street below. “Having powers and being powerful are two…

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