For Virgina


Just start typing and something amazing will come out right? WRONG, a story I have been told is what all of you want… to be entertained. I cant blame you it is what I want too. A good story goes a long way. It supersedes a lot of inferior things. We all have a favorite movie, or comic that tells a great story or makes us laugh, but it doesn’t have the best cinematography or artwork.

So we are going to try a new format here for a while. Im not sure what will come of it, but I will have help from my lovely wife in creating a short slice into the circuits of Universal Anxiety. Our ongoing Robot mishmash project of nuts and bolts.

Realistically I would like to have something for all of you out this weekend but better to say next so I am not the big fat liar. For now a few art bits will have to do for me and for you.

Working more with brushes and shading… loving the results so far.
Hand drawn with reference image 




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