A Month of Flash Fiction

Please take some time to read this great short story from Amy Allworden

Writing Adventure

For the month of September, I will be working with Shades of Vengeance’s brilliant game designer, Ed Jowett, to create flash fiction for some of his upcoming games and projects. Ed will provide me with an image from one of his titles and I’ll work up a story that might accompany it. Because I don’t know every specific detail of some of these games I like to think of these as stories from an alternate universe. So, if you’re a fan of Era: The Consortium, or the Lacuna comic and you see I’ve written off course from what you know, don’t worry we haven’t changed history, we’re just playing with it. So, to get the month rolling along, here’s a story from Era: The Consortium- Rapier

A Most Unusual Date

“What did you say it was that you do?” ice clinked in the small rotund cup of gold liquid…

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