A Sandwich to Grind – Part 3

Since the last update I added some additional details on the conveyor belts and finished out most of the background details and remaining gizmos. I like to have a fusion of obscure looking technology and a little bit of functionality. It’s like each machine has a little story or part to play in what’s going on and to be honest it really helped me develop the item if I understand in a general term what it’s doing. For example all the controls on the main console can be explained in one fictitious way or another it’s the mechanized story.



Once I determined that the conveyor belt would no longer be slicing the sandwiches it made things much much easier my gizmos and gadgets did not have to be so technically accurate. Which is okay because some of this needs to be left up to the viewer’s imagination

I struggled a little bit on this particular piece getting everything to drive once I ran it through some filters this is part of the problem doing your drawing in pieces and coming back to it after a long time. If you make it too complicated you have to draw in the parts you missed and mail them with the existing piece.




Sometimes you get the Shadows wrong or you make adjustments with different settings this is part of what I want to streamline and make better in my process. I tried some different techniques with the sandwich and I think they turned out very well. I’m happy with the results I like incorporating semi-realistic items with my machine world makes the drive more interesting that’s just my personal opinion.



I’d say the drawing is that 80 – 90% I have a few more details I’d like to add actually quite a few I’d like to add imagery  to the screens I would like to work on some of the depth issues blur out the background a bit more and remove a little bit of the filter staining which should be easy Once I converted to Black and White. Of course then there are shadows and textures to worry about. Lastly a little housecleaning on the drawing this will be the last in the series and I will probably post the final drying once it’s colored. Time to move on to the next scene.


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