A Sandwich to Grind – Part 2

Time to get those juices flowing again. This second snap shot of Sandwich grinder comes about half way through the concept. I suppose there is truth in the old saying “The devil is in the details” because you can whittle you life away on them if you want.

At this point in the drawing I was feeling pretty confident , I knew what direction I wanted to take this drawing. I remember spending quite a few highly meticulous hours at the library around this point. All of which yielded this thing…

item may not appear in final product

Mr. Sandwich. I EVEN DREW PICKLES FOR GOD’s SAKE….Who I still have to re create for the final draft, bun on top this time Christopher.


My original thinking was this machine line was going to slice these sandwiches in half. But as I was leaning more toward singling out a specific Sub Sandwich chain of some alternate reality I realized it was not accurate and there was no easy way for me to fit this into my drawing. Now it has morphed into a Sandwich Inspection Line. Cameras, sensors and conveyors will determine if the sandwich is worthy for human consumption.

Creation sometime leaves waste and it is up to you as the artist to determine if it belongs. I think over time and practice you see what is right for your style and your abilities. It is a wonderful feeling even when you make difficult decisions, that require redraws or removals.


I decided to redraw the head of our tireless sandwich inspector, for the better I think. Details all around and a nice line on the conveyors started. I like to pencil and ink as I go but Ill tell you what it is a messy messy process that I would like to get away from. I recently bought a new tablet and would like to incorporate it into the “inking” process, but I have the FEARS.

–Stay tuned for part #3–


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