Prince Albert is a Can

Back to UA. Its late and I know I will regret this in the morning. But Albert has been waiting for me. I am sorry I left you alone for so long Albert, but I have fancy new detailing that will make your exoskeleton shine in the sunlight.

Working total digital here, I feel so much better about the Illustrator pen tool. I had a pencil sketch as reference. I could mess all day with the details but as this is a demo and it is late this will have to do for now Albert. Hope to visit you again soon.





5 thoughts on “Prince Albert is a Can

    1. I am thinking about upgrading my tablet soon with hopes that will help. But I have some trepidation… what if I get this nice tablet and I see no improvement. Then I have no excuses 🙂

      1. Oh gosh I totally get you. New sketchbook makes me feel the same. It’s just this feeling what if I will never improve. Every time I start new sketchbook I tell myself “Practice makes it perfect” and you never know unless you try. So, I think you just need to risk and see what will happen. New technology is always making us feel better, right? I love my tablet so much and I wanted to threat it in a nice way, so I went to the store and bought a new case for it. Surprisingly, it gave me new inspiration somehow.

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