Art On Top – Aces High

This week blew by at amazing speeds. I am both relieved and shocked that I sit here typing to you and it is actually Saturday. I am so ready for the break, but not prepared to commence relaxation… NOW!

I have been keeping up on my Portrait-A-Day. But of course I am a bit back-logged for posting. So Ill keep sending them out as I can!

A little inspiration from Iron Maiden. Thanks guys.

Levels Up. I have an idea to use this with a digital painting project after I have myself cloned for more time.

Who is this guy anyway? Well let me tell you…

Iron Maiden’s celebrity mascot, Eddie the Head was thus named because, at first, he was nothing but a modest stage prop, consisting of a ghostly mask (or giant head) hung over the band’s logo and drum kit.

Read More: 20 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Iron Maiden

Original scan, detail

You should watch this:



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