Day#1 – Portrait a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Drawing everyday is where I need to be right now. I decided to embark on a little project it will allow me to exercise everyday,  As of right now I’m going to try to draw a portrait a day. These might not be consistent posts as I have other projects I’d like to talk about but I will try to keep consistent and hold myself accountable in the name of Art.

There are three main areas I’d like to focus on

#1 The Human Form

This includes live drawing,  poses and portraits, fingers, toes and hands etc etc. I know that’s a whole bunch in one. But it definitely falls into one category of human beings last I checked. Higher purpose of this category is to be able to draw cartoons animation and life drawing much better.

#2 Landscapes Buildings and City Scenes.

This is something I’m very fascinated with. The way buildings come together on an architecture level. This also covers an area of art that I would like to persue when traveling.  There are so many beautiful places out there I’d like to capture in my own style and share with all of you.

#3 Digital Art.

This is a huge piece and I really don’t know what it encompasses yet. I think I have a good start and I know that it definitely encompasses getting to know Photoshop, Illustrator, Shading, and Coloring much much better. For me this category is spearheaded by Graphic Design as that skill and set of skills parallel the learning process and procedures it takes to get better at Digital Art. So the further I go more Direction I will have in this category. As of this moment I’m in an ongoing exploratory phase to find out what I enjoy and what I can do which is very exciting.

Over time this will come into focus. To be honest focus has been a happening and will continue to be a necessity as I’m only one person and I only have a certain amount of time, which lately is very little.

I really hope that all of you stay with me on this journey because it’s going to be an exciting one filled with a lot of difficultly, I will need all the support I can get. It will also be a time of peeling back the skin of what’s really at the core of my person. To anyone who’s already supporting me thank you it means the world. Your comments here and there, your likes and feedback. I cherish every bit of it! So here we go day 1 of portraits my goal is to do this for an entire year so let’s get to it.





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