Featured Artist : DrawMonsterDraw


Today I have the great pleasure of introducing you to DrawMonsterDraw! This fabulous artist blends style, form, and color to create a myriad of creative projects. Her works range from haunting black and white sketches, to colorful character portraits and whimsical portrayals of fantasy. She was gracious enough to answer some of my questions about how she got her start and some of the deeper details of her artwork.

Before you leave, be sure to check out her work from any of the many websites she uses.

DrawMonsterDraw @ Patreon.




Tell me a little about yourself and your art.

My name is DrawMonsterDraw! and I come from Singapore. I’m an illustrator and digital artist at night. However, in the day I work as a graphic designer. I started drawing from a very young age, but I only started having more formal training when I got into University and studied Animation as my major. Basically, illustration comes as my first and foremost love, and graphic design is my current bread and butter job. Most of my artwork is fantasy and sci-fi themed. I really enjoy working on colorful visual narratives that let me explore characters and their interaction with their environment and the part they play in a setting!


You mentioned that you eventually went on to receive formal training for Animation. Did you ever meet resistance from the people around you when you decided to pursue that field and if so, how did you overcome it?

Yes, definitely! Well you could say I was pretty stubborn about it. I would rather do something I am interested in than study other things that I didn’t feel any affinity for. My parents were concerned about artists not being able to earn a living, so they discouraged me from it but I think because I was so actively drawing on my own (rather than mugging for studies), that they eventually let me continue my studies in animation. Basically, I believe that actions speak louder than words. People do credit you for what you do eventually, as long as you’re consistent with it.


What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?

Well for me as an artist, constantly reading and expanding my library of visuals is important! You don’t necessarily need to spend a few hours at a go just diving into researching for a visual library to validate yourself. It’s ok just to spend a few minutes at a time in a day, surfing on social sites, e.g tumblr, pinterest, to keep your creativity going by looking at really amazing artworks online!


900x1273 (1)

You mention a few minutes a day can be used to gain inspiration or creativity, does that ever turn into distraction and if so how do you deal with it?

No, rarely! What I meant by a few minutes a day, this is usually when I’m on the go; like commuting between work or places. It’s actually possible to block out or plan out what you want to do between the rides, considering that travelling can go between 30 minutes to an hour and a half, at least for me. It’s a lot easier to find creative content now that there are apps for nearly everything and it’s optimized for that purpose to surf as you go.


What other artist(s) do you follow or draw inspiration from.

Moebius is one of the biggest inspirations for my artwork. He has such amazing visuals and narrative that goes on in just one image, it’s mind-blowing for me! My other inspirations come from other artists I had the greatest pleasure of actually being able to meet in person. Not only is their artwork an inspiration to me, but also their dedication in doing art that makes me want to constantly improve myself.

My list is really long, but these are the few that have had the biggest influences on me!

If you have the time, do check out:

Leland Goodman (http://punchbuggy.tumblr.com/)

Kellen Jett (http://jettpack.tumblr.com/)

Hans Peter Bacher (https://one1more2time3.wordpress.com/)


It sounds like you have a fairly large group of artistic supporters. How important is it for you to be a part of this group of people that you share your passion with?

Well I’m not really close with them, I happened to be doing my internship/studies along the same time with some of them, but I’m relatively a big fan of their art. To me it’s inspiring to see people put dedication into their craft, and that also gives me the motivation to continue to work hard!


What’s the best advice you ever heard or was given about how to be more creative?

One of the best pieces of advice I have gotten was to never be complacent with your artwork! It is a very grueling process. I don’t think I would ever get to this point where I feel like I could say that I’ve hit the top of my game in art. But it is vital to have that hunger and drive to improve on your artwork.


You mentioned the best advice you’d gotten was to “never be complacent”. How do you push yourself to grow with your artwork?

I usually try to push myself by creating and posting artwork as much as I can; in terms of quantity versus quality. By constantly practicing and churning out drawings, your quality will eventually increase, and I think that’s the secret to getting better at your artwork. It may be arduous but it’s also important to constantly be aware of how you’re drawing and also, what do you feel you can do to make it better.


Lastly before I let you go today please share with us what is the best place that we can see your art?

I have several sites where my artwork is on, but my most active at the moment is my tumblr.  I upload most of my artworks as well as my practice paintings there! http://drawmonsterdraw.tumblr.com/

Thanks very much to the artist for giving me some of her time and sharing with us her knowledge. All the best of luck to her in her work!



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