City Escapism

I managed to squeak in this small project in between all the gigantic moving puzzle pieces that is currently my life. Thankfully those pieces are starting to come together. Because of the chaos I was looking for some guidance. It has been a difficult time, running around with my heart and head on fire. Hopefully some normalcy will extinguish both.

As part of that “Search for guidance” I started reading an interesting book by Roy F. Baumeister: Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength. This book brings up some very interesting points on our behavior and it’s correlation to our willpower. It also addresses how we can cultivate willpower to better our lives and make ourselves happier. Baumeister’s book also goes on to explain some of the more ethereal items of human behavior with lots and lots of science, which I am a fan of.


Started with pencil and ink on this one.



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