A Poke In The Pumpkin Patch

Got side tracked but in a good way. My last project made me realize how much I like doing poster style vector layouts. I know, I know I am all over the place. But I still feel like I am still in an exploratory phase. I mean come on you don’t really know until you try it right? πŸ™‚

After a few concepts I found and finally settled on a Halloween scene, yes its out of season but I just went with it. Besides I am sure you will all agree one day of Halloween a year is not enough. This is not quite finished, maybe 85%. I think I would like to turn this into cards or something for this years festivities.

Put on your favorite mask and have a look, we will have a mini-Halloween together πŸ™‚


Some text I will be using eventually for the above poster!





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