Skull Beneath the Skin

Anatomy & Proportions #1

I think most artist at some point or another have an issue with drawing symmetry in a face, maybe you draw one eye well but the other just wont line up, you can seem to get it right. A good place to start is to determine where the eye line should lay in relation to the skull.

One of the simplest methods I have found for this is dividing the skull into segments. Trust me there are many… many overly complex methods for this and it would be easy to get hung up on following those guides so much it became a burden. Thinking of the guides as approximations gives you room to adjust based on the characters features. For example if you want to accommodate for a larger jaw line or extreme expression.


Dividing the skull above in to 4 parts works for either a more “realistic” approach:


Or with a more traditional cartoon look. A simple sphere can be dissected in the same way to find the eye line and keep proportions in check.


Tomorrow will continue work on anatomy and hopefully start back up on UA. More time to draw I am really looking forward to it!




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