Ready for Takeoff

So I have been toying with this idea, it is simple really and I don’t know why I haven’t acted upon it earlier.

Take a photo and digitize it. Use it as reference, or several together to create a scene.

Pretty simple right? The idea is for sure, but if your not a Illustrator master then things can get a bit tricky.

Last night I got out on the town, our exciting metropolis of Port Edwards (staggering population of nearly 2000) and I took some night shots. As I am no photographer I spent most of the time freeze various body parts while fiddling with my camera settings.

I have to say it was quite enjoyable, honestly.

Home late after running a few other errands and I sat down to look at the results.

Pleased, but then I realized maybe night shots weren’t the best way to start. At least I didn’t feel like working on a night shot last night… typical me and my razor blade focus 🙂
So I hunted for a picture that interested me a bit more and found this..


A photo from this summer… ahh summer how I miss you and your weather that doesn’t try to kill a person. So maybe I wanted something that would brighten my mood!? Any way here is the result. Partial painting (bases), pencil to inking, Photoshop again, and finally Illustrator. I really am satisfied with the result and excited to see what additional color will do to this piece!!!




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