Drawing With My Toes

Put on a lot of miles lately doing non-art related things. I have been spending most of my time job hunting, interviewing, driving, parking, getting nervous, driving some more and more driving. Most of this is done for the romanticized vision in my head that there may actually be a job out there for me.

For anyone who has tried to change careers, and done so successfully, I salute you. I am not talking about “back in the day” when all it took was a little spit and a handshake. Those days are dead and buried. The process as it stands now is convoluted, mired in invasive extremism and competition. You go through a mountain of self representation only to be told you are “Overqualified” or “We have decided to go with another candidate because we didn’t like your haircut. HR departments seem to be staffing themselves with people who learned everything by watching Wall Street… “You need a friend get a dog” In the distant future I can see them hooking you up to a polygraph and making you answer interview questions before a judge.

It is a catch-22 I know this is how the system works and that is exactly why I took my initial step away in the first place. I only hope I have enough resolve to keep true.

On to art!…I have been inking this scene below using it as a practice piece for detail and will eventually go to color. I will update as I make progress.

Street Scene. Reference Credit Daniel Cooney



4 thoughts on “Drawing With My Toes

  1. Ha! I know exactly where your coming from! I, too, am dealing with the “job hunt scene”. Such a pain! Good luck to you! Maybe someday we can make a living off our art!!

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