Say Something, Say Anything

Working on some drawing principles lately character creation and such. Going back to basics and getting a good start. I have a couple of classes I will be grinding through great stuff really. I also am going to be branching off into Graphic Design.

As I go through my scheduled lesson plan I will share my progress with you. Hopefully this will be part tutorial, part journal for my own gratification and reference.

Learning general types of characters a great way to give you a start as a creative artist. My background in realism makes sitting in front of a blank piece of paper quite horrifying. I want that to end. So even though repetition and regurgitation are really a form of realism when you think about about. In a creative sense it gives you a little more confidence and hopefully sends you on your way.

So in this lesson a couple basic types of characters for reference.


The characters above are defined by body proportions. A good point to remember when developing or referencing a character is that the overall size of the character can be determined by the amount of heads tall he or she is. Starting at the base and working your way up mathematically by heads will keep your character in proportion.

The characters above are for reference say for example you don’t want to follow their exact mold every time but want the general size or shape to be used. You can develop a new character from any one of these

For example if we take our Skinny-Tall character on the right and transform him into a Gangster.

Gangster Animation

Using the body proportion method from above I was very easily able to keep his dimensions and look in check. Next episode I will be reviewing Line of Action and keeping your drawings simple by using simple shapes!






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