The Recycler

Long time coming this…

First official complete re-write I had to do with some work. I was not pleased about 50% of the way through with the scene and decided to scrap it. I am sure many artists go through this on their rise to the top but it’s still a bitter pill to swallow. However, if you allow yourself to learn from it, it definitely can be glaring proof as to where you need work. In my case, composition… YES YES YES… internet show me how.

As part of making myself feel better about creating such a turd for all the world to see. I needed to push through it and get something I would be satisfied with. Sure no problem, two and a half days later boom finally have a 95%’r.

What I learned: Again beating a dead horse here but really important to get your drawing nearly to finished as possible. There are other things that come along, anomalies that develop or ideas on the path to completing a piece of art. Those are great and I always entertain them but turning art into a process seems to be a calculated and methodical thing for most. In comics most definitively.

Texture stretching: In Photoshop Edit>Transform>Distort is your friend. Using brushes can be a black hole for your time. I love using textures but I am trying really hard not to overuse them. I see many artist that use them to the point of it being distracting from the main focus; particularly in backgrounds and graphic novels.


Concept Art / Storyboarding: Yes and yes. I am still quite new at this and this statement is from MY experience so you can do with it what you want. Brainstorm and storyboard, for me these two come hand in hand. Also if you’re like me, find a second brain to help you with this process. I am lucky and have a great partner for this. Seriously, it takes the STORY part of what I am doing to another level. When I sit down I pray my art can catch up to all the great ideas. Seriously I have brainstormed and thought out so much already that it would be 2 years of solid work for me. But that is a good thing right? Especially coming from someone who feels they are not that creative.


Learn Basics: I tend to get distracted by very complex methods, no matter the software or process. They seem to sneak in and sabotage my process. Having practiced martial arts for many years I know that no matter what belt level you are, no matter how many boards you can or can’t break. It never hurts to go back and study the basics. I think I need to begin to start thinking of art in these terms. There are so many things I come across, basic basic things and realize. I don’t know how to do that. Real eye opener. On the flip side, art is a giant undertaking. Particularly making a comic. I could never do this alone, and my hat’s off to anyone who is brave enough to try this on their own!

Know Your Limits: This error that I made really drove me nuts, redoing an entire piece of art; that lit my fire. I suppose this art process is still somewhat of sacred territory and I haven’t had my real trial by fire yet. People have been overly kind, and I suppose it can still be considered a hobby instead of the dreaded W-word. Yesterday I sat and worked on this for 13 hours. I am not kidding. Yes I had breaks but I was obsessed. I am not saying this to brag in any sense because truth be told it was not a good thing. I suppose this is a skill unto itself and I need to learn when to walk away and stretch out the old grey matter.

Scene 4 or 5 or Whatever This is… This started as a single frame but I went with some ideas that hit me as I got further along in the process. Can you tell eventually I want to get into some animation 🙂 Still have a long way to go until that happens. Mexican Wrestler Robots… well I have a penchant for the weird and unusual. See below 🙂




4 thoughts on “The Recycler

  1. Wow !! Great ! Well done ! I love all those images 🙂 When I’m inspired, I work 10-11 hours to complete a page of the brochure. In that moment, I forget about everything, I spent so much time in Illustrator so, when I take my eyes of the screen I can still see the project I am working on. I just love this feeling so much ! My life would such without it !

    1. I hear you. I find myself getting more and more obsessed with Art… its both wonderful and scary at the same time. I hope I can stay interested and continue to get better. So much to learn! Thanks for checking out my post.

  2. nice animation blip at the end, 🙂 Having to rework something can be such a pain. Try to think of it not as re-doing but as smoothing out maybe or fine-tuning. Even if it is fine-tuning 80-90% of what you’ve already done, what you’ve done can serve as a base idea for something you do in the future. It’ll always be in your brain for picking back out at the right moment. So it’s not wasted, just early thinking. 😉

    1. Good advice. I just heard another artist saying something about “you should be like a magpie” stealing and soaking up art from every direction you can. I totally agree with this. Your own art previous and future should be entered into this consideration as well. Inspiration comes from everywhere and anywhere. Thanks for the visit!

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