Three Seen Scenes

One at a time. Worked the last two days on scene 3 and I can consider it closed for now. As far as the process not too much new on this one, much of the same steps as before. Continuing to perfect shadowing and texturing. This weekend I have a cell shading for comics class on tap, if I am lucky I can glean a bit or two.

We are beginning to discuss ways to display the chunks of text and story-line that will be part of the final product. At this rate it feels as if that will be nearly 800 years from now. Amy diligently working on audio samples for our Radio-Show accompaniment. It is really entertaining when you put people in front of a microphone and have them read in character. It is as if they have been waiting for someone to give them permission to do this all of their life 🙂

Tip of the iceberg right now but really really promising!


Thanks for tuning in see you in our next update!




4 thoughts on “Three Seen Scenes

  1. Reblogged this on Writing Adventure and commented:
    Frame 3 for Universal Anxiety. We’ve got enough content now to start working on layout. I’ve been looking for inspiration from other webcomic/graphic novels but most of them have so much more dialogue than we have. Because our story is going to be narrated quite a bit by Albert I’m struggling to find a style that incorporates that much text while keeping it fun to look at. If you’ve got any favorites I’d love to get suggestions!

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