Frankie goes to Hollywood

Spent most of yesterday blogging and completing Scene #2 in Universal Anxiety. It felt really good to complete an entire image start to finish in one day. Now that I have the process down I have an idea how long a drawing will take.. time is the key word here.

I wanted to show you my creative process start to finish with “Frank” The .Gif below should loop and show you start to finish. I am beginning to use more after-shadow textures and warping to get a nice textured feel for those backgrounds. We both agree Universal Anxiety should have a dirty gritty feel. Oil stains, steel, and such.

Frankie the bot comes to life.

A bit worried when I started on his shading, its not perfect, but I am really alright with that. I think it turned out quite well for the time spent. It allows me to keep moving forward. The next few frames should move along quickly as well.




3 thoughts on “Frankie goes to Hollywood

  1. Reblogged this on Writing Adventure and commented:
    Chris posted a nice start to finish gif of his work on the second frame of Universal Anxiety. The process seems to go much quicker with each iteration. I like the scuff marks he used on this bot, gives him a “working man” feel that matches our world.

    I did a couple of voice tests with new actors for our second scene. Everyone did great and some of the improv lines added quite a bit of atmosphere. I’ll be doing sound edits for the next few days to see which voices/lines we’ll be keeping in the final cut.

    Thanks for checking in to see what we’re up to!

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