Ambiguity In High Resolution

Today was a good start on breathing some of the storyboard artwork to life. Time passes in a strange way when I am doing art lately. Like some strange episode of the Twilight Zone, I half expect to look in the mirror and see my mouth has grown shut or something creepy.
According to others, this is a good thing and I would have to agree. Being totally obsessed and enraptured in the work has somewhat of a rewarding feeling once you come awake from your art coma.

We are now at the very beginning of the “going live” phase with Universal Anxiety. What that means I don’t entirely know. To me I would say that we are actually doing art that will make the final cut, and be accompanied with our voice acting audio. I should probably take a moment and let that sink in.

I have come very far very fast, so I have been told. But this art and the opportunity to create has been boiling under my skin, lurking… waiting to leap out through my nose and onto the paper. Well hopefully not out of my nose but my fingers or something.

The plan as of now is to continue to work on the first scene, this first image will probably take the longest. As it stands I am almost finished with the Illustinking (Inking & Illustrator together) and it took me a good 3-4 hours today. Tomorrow I hope to have a finished copy or nearly finished.

Our decision is to share most, if not all of what we are doing on this project and be as transparent as possible with the process.

Eventually I would like to combine the works of Albert into a book, that you can hold in your own two hands. Wouldn’t that be special!

Tomorrow I plan to work on backgrounds a bit more. Incorporating some warped images, after the fact edits and brush compliments.

These types of Things…

Now that I have gone away from the isometric drawing my drawings are more 2-D and easier to manage. My hat is off to all of those good perspective artists. Maybe someday I will do the idea justice, but for now that is a battle for another day.


Naked edit from scene one. Albert’s Introduction!


Sad bot must endure! He at least has color.



2 thoughts on “Ambiguity In High Resolution

  1. Reblogged this on Writing Adventure and commented:
    After showing off some concept art these last few posts we’re ready to get down and dirty with the real thing. Chris and I worked up a storyboard for scene 1 and he’ll be taking all of this week on putting the idea to ink. What do you think?

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