Good Art & Bad Jokes #1

I had what I think is a pretty good idea last night… I will be doing a weekly feature with a unique piece of art and a bad joke. Hopefully the jokes wont be THAT bad, we are going for small chuckle so set your humor dial low 🙂

So here we go!


Hope you enjoy and Thanks for visiting. Tomorrow I am going to post an insight to our creative process for Universal Anxiety. Stay Tuned!


4 thoughts on “Good Art & Bad Jokes #1

  1. Reblogged this on Writing Adventure and commented:
    Chris has a brilliant idea and we’re going to start a regular post with it. #GoodArtBadJokes is about taking a comment, an awkward moment, or a goofy joke that makes us shake our heads and put it together with a bit of good art for everyone to share in the laugh. Sometimes it’s going to make you chuckle, sometimes it’s going to make your eyes roll, but we hope it’s always going to at least make you smile.

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