Learning from the Best

I don’t know about you, but I will take inspiration from any place I can get it from. For me it is the injection of nitro I sometimes need to keep my artistic engine running. Being a natural pessimist doesn’t help matters much either.

That being said, I am continually on the lookout for Artist to emulate, ideas to share, or techniques to learn. I figured it would only be appropriate to pay it forward and hopefully someone somewhere will catch a skill or sight of a new artist through this blog. So every Thursday I will try to recap my week with a short article like this one.

This week Id like to focus on these wonderful artists:

Scott Robertson – Scott specializes in technical style drawings of all things mechanical. This man is a master at his craft, his perspective work and surgical like precision on his final images inspire me.


Credit: Cargo Collective & Scott Robertson

Alphonso Dunn – Pen and ink are his tools of the trade or more recently watercolors. His down to earth teaching method galvanizes basics. He is both inspiring and available. His videos always teach me a new trick or remind me of the importance of practicing an old skill.


Credit: Alphonso Dunn

Rob Turpin – A little under the radar but this guy really has a great style with his art, great mix of media and pen. I look forward to following Rob to see what he does next! Check out some of his work in this book.

Build! A Knight’s Castle: Pop Out and Build a Castle Battle Scene


Credit: Stilted City by Rob Turpin

Sarah Andersen – I was introduced to her work through Skillshare. She has three classes at the moment that helped me out considerably with certain aspects of my comic endevours. She also has some really nice Illustrations on her home page, check her work out.

Sarah Andersen Art

Credit: Sarah Andersen 2015


Misc Stuff I found this week…

Top Tips from Vector Artists

Alphonso Dunn‘s recently published book… I just got this and will be chunking through it as time permits

SkillShare – This site is great great great for specific HOW TO’s concerning art. With artists that are available and willing to pass along elements of their trade.

Hope you can glean something from one of these resources, thanks for visiting!


5 thoughts on “Learning from the Best

      1. Yes! Definitely practice. I am really excited about the process, I am already seeing results, did some story boarding yesterday and it was fantastic. Also I get to share my creations with other artist like yourself! 😉

      2. well, I am still following pen ad ink drawing tutorials. Its great cz I dont know the fundamental part of the process. I like sharing my work with others cz its important for me to know that i’m on the right track !

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