Winter Hell

Mother Nature has been saving all of Winter for us in a single room. Today she opened the door to that room right on our fat heads.

I am from an area in the country that cold Winters are common. Snow, maybe not lately, usually prevails in the later months. Sooner or later we are sent shuffling through our garages to find our trusty snow shovels, blowers, or other implements of snow warfare. This year however my attitude toward cold weather has been that of a dysfunctional 3 year old on Christmas morning. One who doesn’t get what he wants. So when I heard how much snow we were getting today I kicked and screamed until I was red in the face and pissed my pants.

So lets just say my disposition has soured. Anyway, I think some of that leaked into my artsy fartsy self last night, for I was up grunting and groaning about my frustrations and inability to create, which resulted in one of those long fruitless nights of art with a smattering of self-loathing. Maybe I am getting an early start for Santa’s naughty list.

Speaking of, this is something I created over the Christmas break. I would like to say Thank You to the folks over at for the reference image. This image is a hand drawn vector recreation of the original and is not to be used for anything other than printing out and burning.

Santa is a fake



2 thoughts on “Winter Hell

  1. I really like your characters – they appear organic. You don’t try to create symmetry which make them interesting, like people. For example – I like how the eyes are never the same, even when they look a lot like one another you give them slight difference. This is also why I love your scenes with background as there are so many interesting details to find.

    I really like your handle on illustration – can’t wait to see more.

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