Universal Anxiety Audio Test

Our first foray into the audio / voice acting world.

Albert the robot as a DJ
Albert the robot as a DJ

Writing Adventure

For anyone who’s following along, you won’t be surprised to see that we’ve cooked up some fun audio to go along with Universal Anxiety. UA is one third graphic novel, one third scifi comedy, and 99% whatever we feel like at the moment.

It’s always been the goal of UA to have an element of “audio presentation”. We’ve been playing with the idea of a limited animation versus strictly audio drama style and I think we’ll end up somewhere in between. It’s going to be a compromise of tastes as I’ve fallen entirely in love with the art for UA and I wouldn’t take back one pixel of it.

So, for anyone who has a spare minute and 23 seconds come check out this brief glimpse into the life and sounds of Universal Anxiety.

Thanks for listening!


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