After the Fact

Back after the holiday rush and I have the itch. That wonderful itch to create. Just like a scratch off lottery ticket my muse has been waiting for me to scratch the surface.

Its not often that I feel so positive about art, and the creative process. But now is a kind of golden age for this passion. There are so many resources, so many people that are willing to share their craft that I feel very very lucky.

Enough waxing and on to the good stuff !

Over the holidays I managed to create a few scribbles and mini-projects I will share over the next few days and let you know my process or hopefully-helpful bits.

Id still consider myself a Illustrator virgin, but the fear of taking the plunge and frustration of where the hell did I put that tool is slowly going away. Like other applications the functionality has grown, the breath and width of what you can do with an amazing program such as this needs proper time to train.

Today was my first go back to UA since pre-Christmas times, which now seems like a million years ago. I think times like these are probably the most dangerous for the beginner as those pathways of routines are still fragile enough to break. But a victory for me this morning as I nosed the grindstone and set off to work first thing.

Our vision for Albert and the world he lives in is slowly coming into view, I think that he is shaping up nicely. This week my cohort over at tried her hand at some voice editing. I provided some of the voice acting. After a listen of her few hours of work I was genuinely impressed, and by impressed I mean how she was able to take my reading and turn it into one of those “I cant believe that is my voice” listens.

I have been working a bit with cell shading on Albert and I think results are night and day. It provides a certain depth with out clutter, and I love it. Its almost precisely what I want the comic to look like .


There are a few more items that I really need to work on. Things like story boarding. I am finding this has become a much needed element to my drawing, specifically to keep me on track with the current project. I dont know about you but I am a VERY unorganized person. The more guidance the better. But I think proper layouts and story boarding is the key.



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