Run Albert Run

Today I was quite busy, I hope to find sometime for art yet today. Yesterday however, was a productive day. Inked part of piece I have titled “Brother Bear 3, My A**hole Brother”. Disney is for sure going to like this one.


Also work continues on Universal Anxiety, I am quiet amazed at any web comic artist that can produce so much content on a continual basis. Maybe they are free and clear of certain time constraints like eating and sleeping, which currently take up 99.4% of my time. Maybe there is a little room for improvement.


I see some promise with this: Maybe not so much for a source of income but a nice platform to tell the world about UA. Once we get a little closer we will have to give a whirl.

Tapastic lets you enjoy awesome visual stories and web comics, and publish your own. We’re all about bite-sized, snackable content for your eyes to munch on.

Time to sharpen my pencil and dull my wits…


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