Illustrator & Friends

First order of business! Punched out a lesson from my online Illustrator class.

Lesson 2: Precise Layout Skills and Tools

Covered creating shapes. Back to creating kindergarten art but it was absolutely necessary considering my level in Illustrator. The lesson was fairly straightforward and taught me a few good items that I hope to remember. We also covered grouping and locking paths in a bit more detail.

This article has a lot of good advice for Illustrator beginners. 

This is a must as you will need it for creating and modifying advanced shapes in your illustrations. Ill just be honest, this article covers Pathfinder Panel better than I ever could so I am not ever going to try:


Using slight modifications with the chin and nose you can easily create different character types. (top left to right)

  1. Superman: Strong chin, square jaw appeals to strength.
  2. Thug: Strong chin that sticks out. Punchy and quick to fight .
  3. Wimp: Weaselly and untrustworthy.
  4. Double: Added weight, thicker features.
  5. Old: Further exaggerated lines suggest age, additional lines.




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