Freddy Five Fingers

Today I think I had a bit of a break through. Even though I feel that the weight of the entire world is pressing down on my face like a million angry footballers ready to grab me inappropriately at the bottom of the pile.

So yeah there is that, where was I? Yeah breakthroughs and all that shit. This amazing artistic rendition was a previous work that came out of my deranged mind when I was doing these weird… character drawings, no idea where they came from or where they have gone. Chances are they are still in there… taking hold of the steering wheel occasionally like a drunken sailor dragging me this way and that.

I feel a bit like this right now <the cat, not the picture. Well maybe I do.

Some realistic shading … Tedious shit. But I can say I think I have a method for this at least. It is good practice for me as well as brushing and Photoshop brushes scare me so bad I usually need to go to bed after using them for a few minutes.


But what I like more is this…Not sure I would want to use this on UA however as the machinery and crispness kind of go together. Possibly for backgrounds. Time time time. 6 Colors version


3 Colors version here for black and white. Starting to look a bit like Maryln Manson…Thank you Illustrator.





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