Smokes Quantity

Today was my first day on the job. Finally I am going to start taking this art thing seriously, even if it explodes my head into little bits. Went on to thinking last night of what I need more of and I came up with the conclusion that its immersion. Practice practice practice. 


Found a few good books today at the library I would recommend for artist reference.

Example #1

The Complete Guilde to Figure Drawing

This book pretty much covers it all. I picked it up by chance as some kind librarian put it out on the main art display for me to see. Thanks whoever you may be! Its funny because my goal today was to practice expressions and some figure drawing. The first page I filled to in this book was page #22, in which there is a featured artist by the name of Luke Arnott. He mentions that cartoonist should be grounded in figure drawing no matter the genre. Well Luke, I happen to firmly agree with you as I suck at it. Don’t they say, who ever “they are” that the first step is realizing you have a problem. Well I do. So the next logical step is to practice!  I think this happens to be a good start!



Also if anyone out there is looking for some good guidance on figure or life drawing I recommend Proko. I subscribed to one of his courses a long while back (before I was so serious!) and it was very good, videos are fun and informative.


Sorry still working on getting that lady a wig!

Example #2

Foundations in Comic Book Art

(Coming Soon)

Example #3

Perspective Sketching

(Coming Soon)


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