Under God’s Great Eye

So today and yesterday I made some (In my mind) absolute crap turn into something usable.

Have you ever started a sketch and realized that by some horrible freak accident eg… an airplane propeller striking you in the head without you knowing it, you have lost your ability to make art? Well I felt that way last night.

I was sure that by some vindictive karma in the universe my ability to make a picture recognizable by a human being was taken from me. But by some miracle I was able to turn urinade in to wine… or maybe some off brand hooch at least.

Work continues on concept for UA, I advised my lovely wife that she should probably hand over the script she has for the first episode, it would help me lock down  where I should be scraping my pencils. I think we have a style pinned down thank god for that.

This is an unfinished concept that I plan on adding more shading, and animation to.



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