Squeaky Wheel

I have been spending a lot of time doing concept art for universal anxiety.

Not enough probably… Trying to get a routine built so I can come back to it and have a little forward progression. Classes seem to be helping. If nothing else space giving me some core concepts grasp onto.

So nice to have the time off allows me to focus on what I want to do. A bit of strange about my art right now. Running into bit of stage fright when I start drawing now. I think the more I take this seriously the more the pressure builds. I never been in a situation where I have demanded art from myself. So I can safely say this is really new territory for me. The complexity doesn’t help. I find myself wanting to do everything all the time but having to relax and focus on results versus raw output. Including more composition thought and layering. Finishing a drawing has always been difficult for me!

This approach Kind of goes against the grain for me, most of the art I’ve done in the past has been raw and about emotion. Creating art based upon what you feel at the time is quite different then a structured approach. I’m finding the structured approach is giving me more depth and obviously have more control on the output. So as it might be frustrating at the same time it is rewarding when I see results.

Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to begin more work on Universal Anxiety. My wife and I are working on a Webcomic. The premise will be a robot in some distant future that was created in the likeness of his Creator. It will be a humorous attempt at a comic, steeped in sarcasm and dirty nasty art J I have a hope… That by combining our minds and our talents we will come up with something that is semi readable.

A few more weeks will be spent in character development and hopefully I will spit out some rudimentary story boards. Today I’m hoping to squeak in some voice acting as well. The dream is to eventually grow this into a radio show as well or possibly some kind of voice accompaniment of the art. But that is all big sky stuff and we don’t know what the hell we are doing. It is all to be learned in transit as we go.


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