Send me a kiss by wire

Today was a good day for art I guess. I was able to get a couple projects done tutorial on paper and charcoal which at first was very difficult for me in finding that my patience is my weak point. I really need to relax my mind when I draw give into the muse.  So not sure what my next step should be. I think that I need a project to work on. I think it might be a good idea to do some robot concepts for my wife. We have a name picked out and some ideas. I am not sure on the medium, I think I would like to do some pen and ink, something to compliment her writing. There has been talk that this might eventually blossom into some kind of radio show. We really want to try our hand at voice acting and sound effects on some of the material. Main character would be bumbling yet lovable. What a world we live in dictated 90% of this from my tablet with no corrections. Space delete Weiner.

A little more formation on the blog as well. We will get there, step by step.

hellomybaby hellomyhoney hellomyragtimegal funions


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