And so it begins

I dare me to follow through with some shit

Im 35

and what a shame

Most of us probably feel some great injustice put upon ourselves at this point in our lives

Our responsibilities overwhelming

Those pointing the fingers increasing

Our shoulders widening and eyes narrowing, the invincibility slipping through our fingers.

But no not me

To spit in the face of what is common and shatting upon the linen silk hats of the fair ladies of life. That is my motto

Hopping from each precipice to another all the while mocking normality in fits and starts

Its my way

The one thing I’ve always felt is natural and true to my soul.

Standing over the thing like some alley way creep who has just committed some disgusting deed

It lay there,  shaking and shivering… needing someone to right what has been wronged.

But eventually it will get what it needs, what it desires.

The sins against it will be justified by its perpetrator.

I will eventually fold into myself and explode in a fury of confetti and party poppers.

More like a horrific wet explosion of putrefaction and methane gas.

Mortared up behind a wall of a  lust for the inane, crumbling the bricks while building all the way.

It is not cruel or some homage to some dark lord.

I dont care to see others hurt.

I care to break through, to open minds to reality. Piss some honesty on their shoes.

To kick and scream, to fit and fart, to make a mockery of myself and those in close proximity.

We steam forward with a bronze breast plate of seriousness fastened to our nips

I desire to fire a bolt of contradiction through your armor

And let the supercilious blood leak from your body

And together we will watch you die

And together we will dance on your grave





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