Hand In The Bush Baked Beans

Camping with the Inlaws.

Visited Petenwell County Park

The bugs in all their biomastical might nearly carried us away

Left us dry and full of sand.

Weather was a bit hot. The need to dress like and Iranian women did not help matters much.

Olivia was obsessed with gathering, carving and creating.

Daniel Boonette, she pines for the day she can manufacture her own bow and arrow. To do what with I do not know. Whose child is this, a small glimmer of one of Peter pans lost boys in this one.

This by no means is  a bad thing. Her drive and focus is evident when it comes into full swing and into view of something she fancies. A passionate girl at the age of 6.

Its nice to be able flex my nuance muscles again. My lengthy discussion with Beth was testament to this. Light grew faint and dark ruled its oppressive rule while we met with much palaver. Small things that bind people. Things overlooked previously,small grains of insignificance they once were.

Today Olivia and I returned home from our day as wildlings. She slept and so did I. The weight of some unknown force was upon us. The unseen giant thumbed us into our beds and we wanted to know nothing else. I slept late, and now I have a serious case of the sneezes. Allergic to life and some.

I miss A and E. Amy sprung the big news on us yesterday. I guess that chapter of our lives is not finished yet.



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