Breaking the Ice

Well well… its about time I did this huh?

We have been in Japan now for 3 full weeks.. or am I wrong, don’t blame me the days seem faster here. My brain is partially to blame. Its cleaning out the cobwebs to make space for the new words and names I have been learning, or I should say forcing into my head and then promptly thereafter forgetting.

The last weekend we jam packed with meeting new people, all of which were gracious enough to put up with our ignorance.  I only hope that some day we may be able to repay them.

Everyday is something and someone(s) new. If its adventure we wanted … that is exactly what we got! We have driven many miles in the cute little loaner car, our Honda That’s.. yes That’s the name… the cars here… well we will save that for another day. We have already tried Surfing and shopping in a Japanese Super-Mall. Ive had to cull hand size spiders out of my house and run around snakes crossing my running path. But the view… looking out into the ocean on a beautiful day makes it all worth while.

We have been keeping the girls thoroughly aggravated with our constant travels. I have to admit they are taking it better than most children their age. We expect a lot from them. Hopefully when they are old enough they wont murder us in our collective sleeps. We just started working lessons with them everyday, they are doing quite well and I am very lucky to spend the added time with them, helping cultivate them into the people they will be tomorrow.

So we continue to go to class and wait for internet to be installed at our house, communication will be better then. As I speak Olivia is running circles around me with no pants on, Amy is teaching a one-on-one class and Evelyn is dying of hunger, so she has told me 27 times in the last 5 seconds


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