Who was I today

First day @ RR today, felt quite old. sore, home 5. Sandy watching girls, wonderful dinner. Hungry now. Had a great night with the girls, snuffy noses… olivia little pud she is wonderful little girl. trys to protect you if your hurt, pets my arm and holds my hand before she sleeps. the way she wakes if i go, and half asleep demands me to stay, only to lose the battle to her tired eyes. been drawing a lot… some times great others shit. but oh well. feeling positive, even though no money. evelyn is such a help, such a little polite girl. until she tries to impress me with farts, and punching my b-hole. she understands working for money now, all about chores. the way she laughs with her whole head, falling back paralyzed by the humor. the truest laugh and love of life. i miss my wife, shes wonderful.


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