Life in Japan

So vastly different than what we.. I should say myself are used to . The culture here is an amalgamation of repression, kindness, and conformity. Its hard painting the picture correctly as really the only correct way is to live in Japan for exented periods of time.

Our host is an Australian who has lived in Japan for 10 years, he has taken residence in Omaezaki and still has a fierce streak of nationalistic pride beaming on his sleeves. He shares his Japanese experience with his wife a native Japanese woman. From the snippets of dialog we have been privy to they seem to share a business, we are ok to be at a distance and reside individually kind of relationship. Our host also seems to be torn between enjoying his solitude and resenting the locals for not excepting his big britches outer worldly personna.

We spend our days marveling at Japanese efficency and in counsel discussing how obtuse and displaced we really are. Amy has been assiting with English classes, and I have been doing grunt work with our host. Not much shopping, or sightseeing on this voyage, but somewhat we are ok with that.

The truisms of a culture of more revealed sitting down with them face to face. The aqward interactions, misunderstandings, and juggernaut that is the language barrier, suprisingly provide with many more lessons than any say so or history books can provide.


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