Falling Into the Sand [Day 1-3]

Left for our journey Thursday around 2.. so very cold. Got to Minneapolis later than expected, but we werent expecting so really. Got in hit the hot tub, nerves ruled me for most of the trip. Girls were great. Went to bed late, wishing for some whiskey.

Day 2

Up asscrack early shuttle left @530 off to the airport, flight on time… unbelievably cold -15-20 balls still havent dropped. Left flight was great, girls behaved amazingly good on plane, a little spazy but well contained. @ Harlingen around 11, ate and Ci-Cis pizza. To San Padre, weather in 50s still hit the beach and froze our toes. Ate dinner @ big Donkey. Amy and I walked Watched Clue,  passed out.

Day 3

Up early, had sandwiches and mom made stew, collected shells, went to turtle sanctuary. Ran about 5 miles, stayed up til 4am watched UFC and the wrestler




And I dont know if I love you more than the way you used to love me.


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