What Did I Did

Really looking forward to next week. A weekend alone with my sweetheart, Time’s apathetic tick continues. Luckily my inner clock knows its time to get away from the kids, and isolate, repair, and revisit ourselves. But thats a full 6 days into the future, anything is possible.

Backtracking to this weekend, it was an enjoyable one. Apparently most of it has  been stabbed away by the pain in my head and spiders crawling on my skin. I can at least give you today. Both Sat and Sun we were late to rise, stayed up plenty late farting around, all of this left over from the week, waiting up for Amy to get home. Anyway… late rising, mowed and did a decent amount around the house.  Visited Point on Sat, spent lots of money on costumes for the girls, decor. Did Bill’s Pizza and got the girls out to play, after we got home is a bit of a blur. Today mostly spent house working. The girls helped me wash my motorcycle, was actually a lot of fun. Had a good rolling session @ Kristie. The girls played with Jaden. Amy to her rents to watch Indie movie w. Beth.

Will people always disappoint?  Am I so sensitive? Probably times 2.

Im very sneezy just tossed a big gob screen-side, that is a solid note to end on

Sleep NOW


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