Hans Ben, Artifactily Speaking


7/17/2004         Worked on Friday. Got up early.  Made it to lunch with the parents and grandparents. Went to a “Historical Rendezvous” in Plover.  Saw pioneer trades, blacksmithing, and axe throwing. After that we took Spencer for some run time at Amy’s parents.  Home 5:30, cooked diner. Worked on organizing, got the snack bug. It is now 3 and I’m close to bed.

7/18/2004         Up in afternoon. Went to Liz and Bills baby shower, it will be there second.

Played some Frisbee with Jamie and went to work at 4.  Home around 1, its late and I have a lot to do tomorrow.

7/19/2004         Worked on school most of the day. Over to the parents in the afternoon. Tired and overwhelmed, will have to work a lot to finish. That’s ok though I’m hiring a hot Swedish tutor, just kidding Amy. Worked out twice. Ron and Dave did some karate around 5:30, I joined them. We are looking for a Karate instructor hoping Chuck or Sheldon will teach. Who knows Dave may come back.  Amy and I late supper fish and tatoes. Worked late on more school work. Before that we stopped and dropped off a computer at Steph & Andy’s.

7/23/2004         Worked on some school before work. Light day today. Out around 11. Amy up when I got home, not much time to sit and talk. Neighbors noisy, killed them.

7/24/2004         Day off… Amy and I went to China palace. Barb, Kathy, Harry and Grace all there. Was good, yum. Then we went to see Anchorman. Silly silly movie. Made me laugh a lot though. Today is so long, it seems like two days, having trouble focusing.  Stopped by the parents A talked to them, printed some stuff for Beths wedding shower. Amy a bit nervous about it. Felt the baby kick some more, really neat. Went out to Dennis and Sherryls watched Shakespear in love. Pretty good… lots of make-out scenes.  Tomorrow I work, last day for three then I can focus on my classes hopefully.  Talked to Steve an Mike about web pages, Steve having trouble with Sara. Hopefully things will workout for him. Long night, need sleep. Seeing things.

7/27/2004         Massive construction woke me up today. Getting new stereo in my car. Went to Mom & Dads to study, got some done. Mom and Dad to Sams. Amy and I cleaned, Patrick stopped by he is in town for a week or so. Tired…

7/31/2004         Home from work around 3, got to sleep around 5. Got up for trip to Appleton around 11. Amy went to bank, bought some clothes, and sandwiches. We took off for Appleton with Kim, Tristan, and Kieran around 2. Chucky Cheese was a blast, ate pizza, played games. I drove home. Took Spencer for a walk, tomorrow EAA. Amy snoozing, baby kicking.

8/01/2004         Up early, and off to the EAA. Tim and Beth stopped by around 8, we needed to stop for supplies, get the cell phone. Got going around 9-9.5 Was a smooth ride, Beth was food picky and Tim had to poop a lot. Parked in the red lot, several thousand miles from the action.  The EAA is a huge event, many planes. I think it was on the downswing when we arrived. But still very busy. We got to see, hear, and touch many planes. Went inside a B-17, really cool. Air shows around 2-5.  Met up with Judd and Becky… hard hookup but we managed. She was excited to see us, and we here. Went to their campsite, left around 7. Got home walked Spencer , Amy sun burnt bad.  I may have to roll her in gauze in the morning.

8/30/2004         School early till noon. Went to Roche Cri with Mike. Lazed around school tomorrow. Next day, blah blah. Steve still getting over Sara. Maybe they will get back together.

12/08/2004        Wow… I feel like I have been gone for several years. In a manner of speaking I have. I have been so busy with school, Evelyn, and work that I haven’t had time to do much of anything else. Today brought itself on early this morning. Little sleep and sudden starts caused my brain to not function, what seemed like, all day. I had a test and meeting at school around 1. I had a doctor appointment around 2:30 then home. Amy and Beth were hanging out. We all ate some lunch prior to the doc visit. Came home not sure what happened then. Thought about going to a movie then Evelyn got cranky so we rented. My Dad watched the baby for a while, and we all watched a movie later on. Home and tired now.

12/14/04           Spent the last couple days trying to recover from no sleep. Getting caught up, and Amy is finding blocks of sleep as well. Saturday we went over to Amy’s parents and cooked food. I got loaded and we talked until very late. This week of work was light duty for me… and in Roundy’s speak that means sit and watch the clock for 7 – 8 hours. Im glad its over. Hopefully this week or next I can start therapy for my back. This week will be a large work week for me, and finals as well Im about ready to pull my teeth out, lets just say I will be glad when its all over. Today was pretty un-eventful.  Evelyn and Amy are doing well, and sleeping on the couch as I speak.

12/21/04           Christmas is almost upon us. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Should be fun if you look at it the right way. To school early today, got my programming class finished, I’m overjoyed about it. Amy and I went shopping and decorated. Tired

12/22/04           Had a great relaxing day. I went into school for a meeting about my classes. Turns out I wont be graduating until spring of 2006 because of some scheduling conflicts. While that may be bad news, the good news is I may be double majoring. We will have to wait and see. When I got home Amy and I got some more Christmas shopping done in Stevens Point. Turns out Tracy and Patrick are in town, we are going to try to hook up with them tomorrow. Evelyn was so kind as to wake us all up at 4:30AM so now we are at her mercy. That’s ok its so cold out we all need to stay bundled together for warmth.

12/25-28/04      Well so much has happened in the last couple of days. Christmas came and passed as quick as a bunny through a dog kennel. I was having serious family phobia for some odd reason. I think it was the accumulative school stress. Fortunately my family quelled the fires of fear and everyone was pleasant. We did several Christmas events. First was the Allworden’s for Christmas Eve. Barb, the grandparents, and my parents attended. The presents were out of control, it was really nice. Christmas day we went to Gary and Joan’s. Saw most of the Korger side. We had fun playing with the puzzles and eating food. After that we saw the Holz side. It was Kora’s birthday, she was 13. The following day Amy’s parents, Jamie, and Beth came over to our house for a morning gift offering. It was nice, made some food for everyone. I had to work later that day. Today is the 28th. I had the day off. Amy and I spent most of the day resting and enjoying the time off before we have to return to the stress. I had a therapy appointment around 2. We went bowling with some of Amy’s family in the evening. Tried Point Bowl, then 5 star, had to wait for league to finish. I bowled to my satisfaction and we shielded Eve from the loud music and smokey atmosphere.

1/09/05             It’s our last day of freedom before we return to the normal grind. Amy is pensive about going back to work and me, back to school. Evelyn is up for her first day of hand-me-off tomorrow. The day should be interesting. I’m tired, I’ve been told by management that I have to get up in 5 hours. Any bets on the crash and burn date?

1/15/2005         Saturday… Mmmm…. Nice day off. Started out a little rocky but things managed to sort themselves out. I mulled around most of the morning. I don’t get to do much of that lately so it was enjoyable.  It’s been arctic-like out recently so there hasn’t been much outside time. I tried talking Spencer for a walk but nearly froze on the trail to my parent’s house and turned back. Evelyn cried a lot today. She has been going though a phase of adjustment I think. Amy and I ate tacos for lunch. Went over to my parents in the evening to play cards and eat all their food. Had a good time, my Dad tried to flex.


Just another day. Another day of watching our wonderful daughter.  She is developing right before our eyes. I can see her changing, and absorbing every little aspect of her world. I try to comprehend what that maybe. Anyway you look at it she is a great addition to our family. Sometimes it is hard to adjust to her needs over mine, and sometimes it is hard to deal with the crying and screaming she throws at us. As long as she delivers on her “one smile per day” quota, she’s ok by me. I had school today, not a lot but enough. Went quickly and I picked up Evelyn, did some errands, then ran back to Dennis and Sheryl’s, in reverse order. We watched some TV, had trouble feeding Eve, some kind of freak thing I guess, Amy said it’s happened before. Amy came home to save the day. We did our taxes, getting loads of cash back for a change. Went over to see my parents and played some cribbage. I am getting ready for sleep now, its 10:40.


Excuse me Im a little confused, just woke up and Im still not sure where I am. Yesterday we had a great time. Spent all day with Amy and Eve, just being. Watched Unbreakable and went up town shopping. The kind of day you could do 50,000 times and it wouldn’t be enough. Today I spent helping Dennis rebuild his computer. Went to Staples to by parts. Everything turned out good. We got 6 inches of snow, maybe more. People over in the evening, I got a headache so I napped until 10:30. Brenda called.


First day back to school after spring break. Blah… shouldn’t have a break then you won’t be so pissed when it goes away. Had therapy today in Point, kind of a big waste of time. I’m trying to get organized and get this school stuff done with, its getting to be a big stone on my back, just need to find my groove again.


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