Feeding Upon New Mettle

Woke up with that clean and new feeling I usually get that after trying something new and unusual. I wont go there just yet, I want to keep you curious.

Well its been an incredibly busy couple of weeks. Just as I was getting use to my new work schedule, they called me back full time. Of course this is good in a monetary sense, but when it comes to meeting my monthly slacker quota it just doesn’t suffice. During this time I had grandiose plans of completing insightful puns on my blog and meeting personal deadlines on projects that had long since gone derelict. But what do you think happened in its stead? The usual disappointing routine of which my permanent disposition causes me to think big and do little. I think my use by NASA as a personal black hole and dissipator of large quantities of time would be my finest calling. But besides being a self induced cause for dissapointment, my time was also a great catalyst of relieving me of all of my money. Being one who values money I was greatly depressed by this fact. So I battle on through the endless barrage of cold sandwiches and continue to fight the heartless passerby who sees my yard and yells into the atmos.. TOO LONG damn you, much too long, damaging what little feeling left I have from the waist down.

Does it sound narcissistic to rant.. why yes Chris, yes it does, it also sounds bad when you talk to yourself so stop it. OK I will.


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