thin air

apart from feeling like im going to die, the last few days have been good ones. yesterday was the 4th of July. cant quite remember all of it, but we did get to see the fireworks at the end of the day. it was a good outing with the girls. beth showed up half way, shes looking quite plump, that of baby. the evening started out well, chasing the girls around the football field and playing catch with eve. olivia is still in the its really fun when you chase me, but let me go right away if you catch me, i got places to go stage….

brought some food with, amy is trying so hard to be veggie, ive been quite naughty lately when it comes to that.

today we voyaged to point, amy, beth, jonnie, the girls all in tow. borrowed the larbear van… worked swell. got there for the childrens parade. we didnt realize that it was a competition, so we walked along anyway, making the soccer moms precious little princess look all the more perfect.

beth looked like she might die on the way in, so we tried to help her with j and burden as much as possible, by loading her up with all of our weighted items.

the kids enjoyed playing on the toys, eve has this new social phobia brewing that concerns me, she is timid of nearly everything new and needs one of us to help her partake in whatever it might be… not going to be a fun time when she first starts school.

they had some excellent bluegrass music, we listened while eating bits of this and that from the relatively large selection of food choices. was one of those i hope i remember this forever moments.

we dared to venture into the childrens game tent, this was a mildly painful adventure. one of those you think the kids are having fun but in reality they will remember this as a horrible childhood memory and burn you in your sleep in 10 or 20 years for making them endure it.

after trading in our poker chips for chinese toys we headed home, to drop the kids off with my folks and work on the fence…

and now bed, im punched out tired.


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