Eat This Later

Mom’s Secret Recipe (Sour Cream Porkchops)

4-5 Pork Loin, trimmed optional… little fat is prefered


2xBeef bouillon Cubes

Sage or seasoning of preference, cummin works

couple tbsp olive oil for baking pan

1Cup Sour Cream

2tbsp flour

Im a fan of baking + pan searing, as I dont follow directions well.

Season meat and add to bake pan with oil & onions

cook Chops to your liking, I baked then fried.

30-35min @ 350 then another 10 in the pan.

Remove meat from fry pan, set aside

Mix sauce in seperate pan w. flour a little water, bouillon cubes and meat drippings

* For even distribution heat bouillon cubes in water heat in microwave in cup or whatever, then add

Add sauce and meat back to pan, cook on LOW heat… simmer but do not boil.


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