072408 – Daughter V1.0

Shes such sweet heart lately… not that shes ever been a bad kid, but really cute, listens well, smart… and likes doing those things that in 15 years will make her dry heave. Like giving Dad a hug in public. Amy and I are throwing around the idea of rewards for chores, Eve really likes to help in all areas… doesnt even complain when I make her scrub the John with her toothbrush. But really she is very helpful and cognitive of our attitudes as well, not oblivious like a lot of children I bear witness to.

She enjoys nothing more than time out side inspecting bugs, or an hour long soak in the tub, torturing her sister with the water bucket or drowning John Smith for his willingness to help Pocahontas trade beads in the ghetto.

Evelyn’s demeanor twoard her sister is quite the Jekyl and Hide situation. With loving gental hugs swelling to a crescendo of pop your eyes out bear hugs. Her mischievious attitudes when no adult are looking, are those of… You are mine, you have always been mine, I will control your movements, make you dance like a doll that is on fire, while I rip your face from your head. Similar to what I would imagine a drill instructor in the late 1960s would have treated any new recruits on his first day at basic training.

But they are both alive and well and thats all that matters. I cant wait for the nail pulling and hair scratching, er is that right? Tomorrow or in Chris-land whenever I get to it.. Daughter V2.0


2 thoughts on “072408 – Daughter V1.0

  1. Daughter V1.0
    Eve is always laughing, even when the situation is inappropriately not funny. As in, “OWW I just broke my arm”…hahah. For her, all of life is a game, she just doesn’t know all of the rules yet.
    I’m a secret insider to her life and I wish that somehow I could make time slow down and she could be 3yrs old forever and I could be her mommy forever. Giving kisses and hugs freely, always wanting just one more snuggle

  2. Hey guys,
    finally got a chance to check out what you’ve been up to. Luv hearing about the girls and everything else. Wouldn’t life be wonderful if we could just hit the pause button and enjoy and be energized by their awh and wonder at the world. Nothing makes a day better then a little hand slipped into yours, or those sticky fingers wrapped around your waist for a super big hug. I have to start back to school next week and even though I feel drained at the prospect of getting everything ready, I also feel overjoyed to be able to jump back in with 21, 2-6 yr. olds and enjoy all these little people bring to our world- peace, joy, love (and occasionally, agony, screaming and nail biting frustration) but overall the happy stuff wins big time!!

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